Since 1981 TOUMBELIS G. VASILIOS company has been activated in the production of car driving system for people with special needs, having a leader role in North Greece.

The company having as main features:

- The immediate and friendly convenience

- The polymorphism of products and

- Mainly the know-how in technical issues

finds great effect in the public and soon becomes the main issue in the field of car driving system for people with special skills.
The constant increasing activity of the company has a long ago now led to need of constructing a new private building 0f 300 square metre extent ground, which from 2005 is posted in the 15 km Thessaloniki-Kilkis in Liti and signifies the start of a new era.

By the concept of innovation, advancement and enhancement of productivity we forge ahead and we are always with you to provide you our services for which you stand behalf us all those years.

- Superior know how

- Perennial experience

- Experienced and technical proficient staff capable of giving you solutions to your problems

- Technologically improvement products always available for your immediate convenience









Address: Liti Thessalonica

Driving system for disabled people

Phone/Fax: +30 23940 72467

Portable driving system for disabled people

Website: www.toumpelis.com

Special chair

Patient hoist and hoist for disabled people



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